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План урока "Американские Президенты"

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23.01.2015 09:10

Тема:Two American Presidents.
Цели и задачи: 1. Формирование у учащихся многообразных типов
высказываний ( описание, доказательство, выражение мнения ).
2. Организация целенаправленной речевой практики учащихся на
английском языке по теме:
3. Развитие познавательной активности учащихся в процессе иноязычного
4. Воспитание чувства сопричастности к мировой истории, более глубокое
осознание своей культуры через контекст культуры англоязычных стран.
Оборудование: доска, магнитофон, проектор, компьютер, УМК Верещагина-
6, карточки.
1.Организационный момент:
Stand up children! Good morning! I am glad to see you! Sit down, please! Get
ready for the lesson.
2.Речевая зарядка:
Let’s listen to a report of the pupils on duty in a form of a dialogue.
( Pupils’ report)
3.Вводное слово учителя:
Thank you. Let’s begin our lesson. The topic of our lesson is “ Two American
Presidents”. I expect you to know that today we shall work on the text “ Two
American Presidents” and discuss it.
In February the U.S. honors two great American presidents: Abraham Lincoln on
the 12
th of February and George Washington on the 22
nd of February.
These two dates are combined into one legal holiday on the third Monday in
February, called President’s day.
Both presidents have been honored in different ways.
George Washington is the only president to have a state named after him.
The nation’s capital, Washington D.C. also has his name.
There are cities , towns, streets, schools, bridges and parks named after both
presidents. President Lincoln and president Washington have famous memorials in
Washington D.C.
Their portraits also appear on postage stamps, bills and coins.
But before we start to work on the text let’s pronounce some proper names which
are used in the text. Look at the blackboard. Try to read these words using the
given transcription. Pay attention to the stress of the words
4. Фонетическая зарядка:
( слова выписаны вместе с транскрипцией на доске )Virginia, Philadelphia, Mount Vernon, New York City, Kentucky, Indiana,
Aesop’s Fables, Robinson Crusoe, Ford’s Theatre, George Washington, Abraham
Lincoln, Abe.
Teacher: Let’s pronounce these words all together. Repeat after the announcer.
(tape recorder )
5. Предтекстовый этап:
Teacher: Well, look at the blackboard. Here these words are used in the sentences.
You should make up as many true sentences as you can. Pay attention to the word
1) born, in a planter’s family. Was George in Virginia.
2) President, The first US, was, to all, George Washington, known, Americans.
3) Sent, to, they, All the states, Philadelphia, where, their, representatives, the
Constitution, wrote.
4) Which, He, the capital, hurried off, to New York City, then, was.
5) The USA, Abraham Lincoln, was, The 16
th President, of, was.
6) Moved, when, to Indiana, His, parents, Kentucky, Abe, from, was, 7.
Teacher: Who was the last sentence about?
( pupil’s answer ).
Teacher: What other American presidents do you know?
( Pupils’ answers ).
Teacher: You see how many presidents you know. There are more than forty
American presidents. But only two of them have a special holiday which is called
President’s Day as I have mentioned before. Why are George Washington and
Abraham Lincoln especially remembered in American history?
To answer this question you should use the information given in your home text
Your hometask was to read and translate the text “Two American presidents” and
prepare reading of the passage from the words “George Washington began…” up
to the words “… the Constitution of the United States.”
6. Проверка домашнего задания.
Teacher: Before answering my question I want to check up your reading of the
passage. Who wants to read? Open your textbook at page 269.
( pupils’ reading)
7. Текстовый и послетекстовый этапы.
Teacher: Well done. Now we’ll check up how you have understood the text. Look
at the screen. Here is the test Choose the right version, which is true to the text.
( test).
Teacher: So you know the context of the text perfectly well and I want you to
make up an outline of it.
( the teacher can give an individual task here ).
How many logical parts can the text be divided into? Name them.( pupils’ answers).
Example:1. George Washington.
a) childhood of Washington.
b) Washington’s army career.
c) Washington is the first president.
2. Abraham Lincoln.
a) Lincoln’s home and education.
b) Lincoln’s character.
c) Lincoln’s political career.
Диалогическая речь(T-P).
Teacher: By the way what can you say about Lincoln’s political career? What do
you remember from the text? Choose and read these sentences from the text.
(pupils’ answers).
Teacher: And what can you say about his character?
(pupil’s answer).
Teacher: How did little Abe teach himself?
(pupil’s answer).
Teacher: What kind of family was Abraham Lincoln born in?
(pupil’s answer).
Teacher: Where was George Washington born?
(pupil’s answer).
Teacher: What things did he learn to do when he was a boy?
(pupil’s answer).
Teacher: What did George Washington do during the Revolutionary War?
(pupil’s answer).
Teacher: Why do people respect him?
( pupil’s answer).
Teacher: When did George Washington become the first president of the country?
(pupil’s answer).
Teacher: That’s right. I see that you have learnt the biography of two presidents
rather well and I am sure that you will be able to compare them.
Проверка индивидуальных заданий.
Your classmates can prompt you. They had an individual task. They should
have consulted the text and completed the information about the two American
presidents. The girls were given the sentences with the gaps. Let’s see how they
have done it. You may check them up. Open your books at page 272, exercise
number 26.
( George Washington- pupil’s answer )
Teacher: Do you agree with her? I do, well, next, please.
(Abraham Lincoln- pupil’s answer )Teacher: And now I’d like you to return to the previous task and compare the two
presidents. Say which of the two:
a) Was born in a rich family. (pupil’s answer)
b) Went to school. (pupil’s answer)
c) Enjoyed reading.(pupil’s answer)
d) Took part in the Revolutionary War. (pupil’s answer)
e) Became a lawyer. (pupil’s answer)
f) Was shy. (pupil’s answer)
g) Wrote the US Constitution. (pupil’s answer)
h) Was called the father of the nation. (pupil’s answer)
i) Made all the slaves free. (pupil’s answer)
j) Died in his home. (pupil’s answer)
k) Was a president during a war. (pupil’s answer)
l)Grew up in the Middle West. (pupil’s answer)
Домашнее задание и воспитательный момент урока.
Teacher: To my mind it’s high time to answer my question which was asked at the
beginning of the lesson. Why are George Washington and Abraham Lincoln
especially remembered in American history?
(pupils’ answers)
Teacher: As you see both presidents played an important role in American history,
were great figures. They had difficult childhood and had to work hard, had a strong
will. Could we call them “willing hearts”? I think we could.
I hope you have already noticed that the quotation of our lesson is
“Nothing is impossible to a willing heart”
How do you understand this quotation? Explain the meaning of it.
(pupils’ answers).
Teacher: Judging by your words everybody who works hard can be called “a
willing heart”. I agree with you. And every willing heart has a chance to become a
major, a governor and even a president. If you are “a willing heart” you will have a
chance to be a president. The only thing you need is a wish to study and to work
hard, to broaden your outlook.
So you will start to work hard at home. Your hometask for Wednesday will
be the retelling of the text. You may choose any president you like but your
retelling should contain not less than 15 sentences. Write down your hometask, ex.
26, p. 272.
8. Ролевая игра.
Teacher: And now we shall play an “Interview” game. Let’s work in pairs. One of
you will be a president, another one will be a journalist from a popular television
programme. An interviewer will ask the president some questions about his life
and political career and you should guess who he is. I’ll give you the cards with
useful information. You have two minutes in order to prepare the task.(an “Interview” game).
9. Обобщение урока.
Teacher: Today we had an interesting meeting with American presidents and with
the president of our country. You have known some facts about Lincoln and
Washington’s life. Now you know that both presidents had strong characters. They
had to do a lot of things by themselves, were honest, brave, wise, active, devoted to
their country. People trusted them.
All of you should have such features of character. They will help you to
become outstanding people. I wish you to develop these qualities in your character.
Who knows, may be one of you will be a famous scientist and invent the time
machine or will be the greatest poet like Pushkin, the cleverest politician and even
a president. All depends on you.
10. Выставление оценок и их комментарии.
1) The first President known to all Americans as “The Father of the Nation”
was …..
a) Bill Clinton b) Abraham Lincoln c) George Washington
2) The US Constitution was written in …..
a) Kentucky b)Virginia c) Philadelphia
3) George Washington was good at ….. – that’s why he learnt to measure land.
a) history b) English c) arithmetic4) Washington’s family didn’t have enough money that’s why the boy went to
a) school in England b) private school c) had his own teachers
5) The capital of the USA was ….. then.
a) Washington b)New York City c) Moscow
6) George Washington served ….. terms.
a) five b) one c) two
7) Abraham Lincoln was the ….. President of the USA.
a) first b)sixteenth c) fortieth
8) Lincoln’s family lived in …..
a) poverty b)luxury c) the palace
9) Abraham Lincoln had to lead the country through the four terrible years of
the …..
a) Revolutionary War b) Civil War c) World War II
10)The document that made all the slaves free is called …..
a) the Bill of Rights b) the Emancipation Proclamation c) the amendments
to the Constitution.
11)President Lincoln was shot in …..
a) 1900 b) 1801 c) 1865
Born: February,12,1809 Born: October, 7,1952
Occupation: Lawyer Occupation: An economist, an officer of
An important event: The Civil War An important event: Chechnya War II
An interesting fact: The tallest
American President
An interesting fact: Fond of judo, speak
German fluently
The 16
th American President. The 2
ndRussian President.
Interviewer: Where were you born?
President: I was born on the 12
th of February, in 1809.
Interviewer: What is your occupation?
President: I am a lawyer.
Interviewer: What was an important event in your term?President: The Civil War.
Interviewer: What interesting fact can you tell us about yourself?
President: I am the tallest American President.
Interviewer: Are you an American President?
President: Yes, I am the 16
th American President.
Interviewer: Who is he?
Pupil: Abraham Lincoln.
Interviewer: When were you born?
President: I was born on the 7
th of October in 1952.
Interviewer: What is your occupation?
President: I am an economist and an officer of FSB.
Interviewer: What is an important event in your term?
President: The Second War in Chechnya.
Interviewer: What interesting fact can you tell us about yourself?
President: I like to go in for sports ( especially judo ). I speak German fluently
and now I am learning English.
Interviewer: Are you an American President?
President: No, I am not. I am the second Russian president.
Interviewer: Are Mr.Putin?
President: Yes, I am.
Interviewer: I am very glad to have a chance to communicate with you. But
may be our audience wants to ask some questions?
Questions to the president:(example)
1) Mr. Putin do you know the latest results of the elections?
2) Our group and our school want to congratulate you. We think you have
already won the elections.
3) I want the government to pay a scholarship for pupils. What can you say?
4) I know that there are a lot of places of interesting Moscow but in our town
there aren’t any. Can you built some places for us?
5) Every year my parents buy me textbooks and they are rather expensive. Can
the government give some textbooks to the libraries?
6) We want to have a security in our school. What can you offer us?
7) There are two days off: Saturday and Sunday. But we have only one day off.
Who can change this situation?
8) When shall we live without wars and explosions? When shall we live in
9) I want to enter Moscow State University, but it is very expensive. When
shall we have free education?10)I have many questions concerning our school. But the most important one is
the restoring of our school building. It is uncomfortable to study in such
Individual Tasks:
Consult the text and complete the information about the two American
George Washington
 Was the….. American president
 Was born in a ….. family
 ….. teachers …..
 When a young man he learned to …..
 Took part in the ….. War
 He was a professional …..
 People had a lot of respect for him because …..
 People remember him because …..
Abraham Lincoln
 Was the ….. American president
 Was born in a ….. family
 ….. no teachers …..
 When a young man he learned to …..
 Took part in the ….. War
 He was a professional …..
 People had a lot of respect for him because …..
 People remember him because …..Resources
1. Афанасьева О.В., Михеева И. В., Английский язык :учебник для школ с
углубленным изучением английского языка, лицеев, гимназий,
колледжей – М.:Просвещение, 2003
2. Ru.wikipedia.org – Владимир Владимирович Путин


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